Trisna Risani Karya is an accomplished individual with a strong background in customer service and experience. With a passion for creating meaningful connections with customers, Ina has made significant contributions to the industry. Explore her portfolio and discover her expertise in delivering exceptional customer satisfaction and increase the customer loyalty!

Hi! I'am Ina!

Delivering Exceptional Customer Satisfaction

Trisna's professional journey has been marked by a commitment to happiness and customer well-being. Her role was as a Happiness Manager demonstrates her dedication to ensuring that customer interactions are not just transactions but memorable experiences that leave a lasting positive impact.

The Programs

Customer Service Consulting

Offered expert consulting services to businesses seeking to improve their customer service operations. Implemented effective strategies and provided guidance to enhance customer interactions and relations.

Human to Human Customer Satisfaction Training

Provided comprehensive training sessions on customer satisfaction strategies and techniques. Helped businesses enhance their customer service skills and create positive experiences using human to human method for their clients.

Author of 'Happy Service'

Authored the book 'Happy Service', a valuable resource for individuals looking to enhance their customer service skills. Explored the importance of creating a positive service culture and shared practical tips for delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Author of 'Human to Human Customer Services and Relations'

Penned the book 'Human to Human Customer Services and Relations', which delves into the significance of building genuine connections with customers. Explored the power of empathy and personalization in creating long-lasting customer relationships.

Conducted interactive workshops on customer experience, focusing on the importance of understanding customer needs and expectations. Equipped participants with practical tools to deliver exceptional experiences and foster customer loyalty.

Keynote Speaker on Customer Service

Delivered inspiring keynote speeches on the topic of customer service at various industry conferences and events. Shared insights and best practices to motivate and educate audiences on the value of exceptional customer service.

Customer Experience Workshops

The Clients

Happy Employees, Satisfied Customers

We help businesses create a thriving work environment that drives customer satisfaction.